•  premium blade shaving razor 3 blades open back cartridge for man

• SANDVIK Sweden Stainless Steel for all blades, no worry of sharpness and hardness

• Lubricating strip with Aloe & Vitamin E to protect your skin feeling smooth and fresh from any irritation

• Pivoting head for safe shaving

• Ergonomic designed plastic handle for excellent control

Pack counts and formats are available variously. Contact us for more information

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  Item No   KL-R349LO
  Product name   3 blades open back cartridge
  Blade   3 Blades
  Blade material   SANDVIK Swedish Stainless Steel
  Handle material   ABS/PS
  Type of head   Pivoting head
  Sharpness   ≤15N
  Hardness   ≥HV560
  Injection   Automatic Injection Molding
  Lubricating strip   Lub with Vitamin E and Aloe